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The journey...

"It all started as just an idea and a feeling of movement, never thought it would actually be a journey..."    -Jonster

It all started back in 2013, when Lead Vocalist Jonster Green had the idea of forming a Skate-Punk Rock band. He had been fiddling with some ideas on the guitar starting with "Documented Lies" as his first official song piece followed by "On Drugs". He then had an en-devour winding up in Hamilton OH where he later wrote "Sacrifice" and "Stay Strong."  

It was 2016 when Jonster Green had connected with Nando Commando who then later became the official drummer and perfect fit for the band. Together they arranged the music and started polishing it up. Thus was left a bassist, Gilo a cool dude from the center of Los Angeles and had an interest in the band. After a few studio practices The PAWNS was complete. 



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