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Where it began...

"It all started as just an idea and a feeling of movement, never thought it would actually be a journey..."    -Jonster

It all started back in 2013, when Lead Vocalist Jonster Green had the idea of forming a Skate-Punk Rock band. He had been fiddling with some ideas on the guitar starting with "Documented Lies" as his first official song piece followed by "On Drugs". He then had an en-devour where he winded up in Hamilton OH and later wrote "Sacrifice" and "Stay Strong."  It wasn't until 2018 that he then edited his stage name to Jonster Pawn.

THE PAWNS are a skate punk band from Los Angeles CA that was formed in 2014. They combine punk and thrashy head banging riffs with lyrics that reflect the dire state of America as well as the underground party anthems of skateboarding.

Jonster Pawn

Founder of The Pawns

Lead Vocals

Rhythm Guitar


LTD EC-1000

Gibson Explorer 

Fender Telecaster

Peavy 5150

Marshall 1960 Lead

Orange PPC 

EMG Pickups

Snarling Dog Brain Picks

Mogami Cables

DR Strings/Ernie Ball

Brock Lee

Bass Guitar

Back Up Vocals


Gibson Thunderbird

Fender Jazz

Ampeg SVT 7 PRO

Ampeg Tower

GK Tower

Ernie Ball Cables

DR Strings/Ernie Ball


Austin Ripz

Lead Guitar

Back Up Vocals


Gibson Firebird


Mesa Boogie Dual Rect

Marshall 1960 Lead

Orange PPC

Tortex Flow

Ernie Ball Cables

DR Strings/Ernie Ball

Mike Pawn



Pork Pie Drums

DW Drums

Paiste Cymbals

London Drum Sticks

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